You shouldn’t have to pay for us to pick up your laundry so we offer free pick up and delivery.

Need your laundry the very same day? Schedule a pick up online before 4pm and we’ll have your order ready the same day.

We love to save our customers money so we charge a reasonable price of 0.85 ¢/LB 

No matter which day of the week you would like your clothes we’re always open and ready when you are to pick up or delivery.

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 Wash & Fold Dry Cleaning Both

Wash & Fold
$20 Minimum - Same Day Service Avaliable
$20 Minimum - Please Allow 24hours
$30 Minimum - Please Allow 24hours, Both Will Be Delivered At The Same Time.

Bleach on whites?

 Yes No

Separate whites?

 Yes No


 Tide – Free Gain - Free Seventh Generation +$1.99 Baby Dreft +$1.99


 Downy None

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Please Note 10% Discount Is Only For New Customers



Dry Cleaning Prices

  • $2.99 – Shirts
  • $3.99- Dress Pants
  • $3.99 – Skirts
  • $2.99 – Blouses
  • $3.99 – Jeans
  • $4.49 – Sweaters
  • $3.49 - Tie
  • $2.99 – Scarf
  • $4.99 - Sports Jersey
  • $4.49 – Vest
  • $5.99 – Men Suit Jacket
  • $6.00 - Women Dress Jacket
  • $7.95+ Dresses
  • $11.95 – 2pc Dress
  • $8.00 – Sport Jacket
  • $9.95 – 2pc Suit
  • $12.49 -3pc Suit
  • $11.99 – 3/4 Coat
  • $12 – 3/4 Jacket
  • $16 – Long Coat
  • $12.95 – Full Comforter
  • $9.95  - Twin Comforter
  • $23.95 – King Comforter
  • (Varies )Feather Comforters

Dry Cleaning NYC
See the steps below

The Steps To Our Service

We follow the same steps for every order and we are always prepared for us to be at your door the very same time you scheduled.

Pick Up

We Head Out To Pick Up Your Laundry, Weight It With Our Portable Scale And Give You The Total.


Arriving back we schedule your laundry to be done when you need it.

Your Clothes Go Into Wash

We follow your instructions for washing your clothes

Drying Perfectly

We always make sure everything is perfectly dry and nothing arrives wet


We package everything neatly and have it ready when you scheduled it.


We arrive at your location and deliver your clothes right at your door.

4 reason

you should use our service

Live on the 2nd, 3rd maybe 10th floor? No problem we will arrive right at your door step so you can get back to doing what you prefer and not stress about carrying and doing your laundry.

Need dry cleaning done? We can become the one place for everything not only is it convenient but we also help save you time and money with our low prices.

If you have to head out and need us to pick up your laundry ASAP we’ll be there on time.

Not only do we strive to provide an excellent service we also strive to keep our clients happy and 100% satisfied with our service by doing it right and not damaging your clothes or losing any of it.